Disabled American Veterans
          Hershey PA Chapter 48 Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes April 9, 2019

Opening Ceremony

Roll Call of Officers – Adjutant called the Roll of Officers:
Commander Loughran; Junior Vice Ardner; Adjutant Ferguson; Benefits Protection Leader Silvia;Trustee
Folks; Trustee Bauerle.
Junior Vice Eckert;Treasurer Gui; Publicity Chair Cavanaugh.
Committee of the Whole
The Adjutant reported that he had stopped by Karns in Hershey to re-verify the arrangements for Memorial
Day weekend Fund Raising.  The now-former manager, Robert, who had approved us for Fund Raising is
no longer there.  His replacement, Skip knew nothing of the Adjutant’s arrangements with Robert and told
me that they ALWAYS have the VFW and poppy sales on Memorial Day weekend. This leaves us with no
arrangements to do our fundraising. We need to resolve this situation.
Our fund raising area would normally be just Hershey, but with the Harrisburg Chapter closed, maybe we can
fund raise there.  We need to speak with David Gui.
Suggestions included:

•        The beer store owned by Mike Bauerle’s boss.
•        Walmart in Palmyra.
•        Dick’s Sporting Goods - Rick Sylvia will check
•        Bass Pro Shop - Rick Sylvia will check
•        Field & Stream store Capital City Mall
•        Sears in Harrisburg
•        Sheetz in Hershey. Bob Ardner will check on the Sheetz policy at the West Shore store
•        7-11 on Derry Street
•        Rutters, Truck stops along I-81
•        Hoss’ cards like Marine Corps League.  Our limited membership doesn’t work in our favor
•        Buffalo Wild Wings only a West Shore location
•        Mission BBQ
•        Karns for future holidays
•        Pronio’s Grocery in Hershey
•        Lowes or Home Depot
•        Turkey Hill
•        Wegmans West Shore
•        Shutters convenience store/gas station Route 72 and 22 Jonestown/Lebanon.
•        717 Armory or indoor gun range.  Probably not much traffic.

Adjutant’s minutes were approved with corrections.  The Adjutant acknowledged that he had dictated the
minutes while in the car and then edited them. Rick Sylvia’s name was spelled incorrectly and there were two
sentence fragments that had not been corrected in the original minutes. Motion to approve the corrected
minutes made by Ardner and seconded by Sylvia.

Treasurer’s Report:
David Gui could not be with us, but he had given us a Treasurers Report showing an opening balance of
$4,084.61 with a $300 check to the VFW still outstanding.  There are two new checks for $500 each.  With
those subtracted, our closing balance is $3,084.61.

Sickness and Distress:
Our chaplain received no reports of sickness or distress.

The Adjutant had just received the packet from Department regarding the Department Convention in June.  
Usually David Gui walks us through the required expenditures for this.  David Gui had spoken to Rick Sylvia
about the convention and Rick will also be attending the convention. The convention hotel is located at the
Union Deposit Exit from I-83. The hotel is now a Best Western Premier and was formerly a Sheraton.  The
costs are: Convention registration is $55. This includes the Commanders Reception and banquet.  The “Ad
Book” is basically a donation to Department. We chose a ¼ page ad at a cost $35.  There is a Chapter
Mandate of $50 (minimum) for Department programs. Delegate fee is $13.  The total is $153. Motion to pay
these costs by Ardner, seconded by Bauerle. Motion carried.

Benefits Protection Committee
Rick Sylvia resolved some rumors for us.  The rumor is/was that the VA would recognize hypertension as
connected to Agent Orange and thus service connected.  It is correct that the VA is looking into it, but the
costs would be extremely high, so recognition and service connection is not going to happen anytime soon.
Another rumor is that the VA would open up dental care for veterans with less than 100% disability.  Again,
this is not going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

Good of the order
Bob Ardner reported a conversation with Bill Reed of the YWCA.  There is a Purple Heart Vietnam veteran
who lives across from Bob’s church.  The property looks like an episode of hoarders.  Bob has verified that
the man is a veteran and arranged for a dumpster, a social worker and other resources.  He needs some
volunteer help to move the trash into the dumpster.  Silver Spring Township is pushing for the property to be
cleaned up. For now, they are avoiding additional enforcement actions.  Bob is arranging a work day and
looking for volunteers.

We nominated the slate of officers for next year. It is the same officers we have this year. The elected
Officers are: Commander [Ed Loughran], Senior Vice [Randy Eckert], Junior Vice [Bob Ardner] & Treasurer
[David Gui].  Note: The Adjutant, Chaplain and Committee Chairs are appointed by the Commander.

Closing Ceremony
Motion to adjourn by Ardner and seconded by Sylvia.
Closing ceremony was conducted.  
Our next meeting will be held on May 14.