Disabled American Veterans
            Hershey PA Chapter 48 January 8, 2019 Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2019

Opening ceremony
Roll call:        Absent:Cavanaugh,Folks,Gui

Present:Ardner, Bauerle, Eckert,Ferguson, Loughran, Sylvia.
Introduction of Guests& Visitors:None

Secretary Report:Adjutant reviewed the minutes of the last meeting.  We are booked for Karns for Friday &
Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  We had also discussed the new meeting location at length.Adjutant
need to update the meeting location on the DAV website. There were no omissions or corrections
Treasurer Report: David Guiwas not present to give us a formal Treasurer’s Report, however, he had given
the balances to Ferguson.$5,502.75 Jim Ferguson reported that we raised $1,357 at our Veterans Day Fund
Raiser at K-Mart.  With that and the previous balance over $4,000, we have a substantial balance in our
account and need to find appropriate opportunities for donations.  We expect to make donations for the
Homeless Veterans Stand Down event in early February.

On the topic of Fund Raising, Ferguson recapped efforts to arrange a fundraiser at Karns Marketin Hershey.
They DO allow fundraisers, as we saw last Memorial Day when VFW was at the Hershey store. Jim found the
process at Karns somewhat confusing as to how to get on the schedule. He will follow up with Robert, store

Reports of Sickness and distress:Sylvia noted a report about World War II veteran who had recently
committed suicide. We all agreed this is a sad case.

Communications:We received a communication relative to the Homeless Veteran Stand Down event. It will be
held February 15-17 at the Harrisburg Armory. In the past we had donated to the YWCA (the event sponsor),
the VFW (provides food for the event), and Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors. Bob Ardner recapped the
Ambassador role at the Stand Down event.  Bob will be providing a training session for the new Ambassadors
at the Harrisburg YWCA building. Basically, these volunteers escort an individual veteran to ensure that
he/she sees all of the service providers that s/he needs.  Saturday is the big day, with Friday being set up
and Sunday tear down.

On the money side, after discussion, Rick made a motion that we donate the same amounts that we had
donated in the prior year.  Motion was seconded by Mike Bauerle and was carried. Since we didn’t have
those amounts in front of us, the Adjutant and the Treasurer will discuss and determine the donations.
TheMembership Committee: No Report.

Legislative Committee: Rick Sylvia recapped the recent action on the Blue Water Navy.  The Act is still being
worked on by the Legislature.  Rick also noted that the major veterans groups are meeting with the VA.  This
is to discuss the 132 VA houses for veterans, where 70% have failed inspection.
Publicity Committee: No report.

Unfinished Business:None

New Business:
Meeting Schedule: Ed Loughran raised the question of what our meeting schedule would be at our new
location. Previously while we were meeting at the school we needed to close during the summer months as
the school building was not open. That’s no longer an issue. After discussion we determined to continue our
schedule of not meeting during the months of June July and August.

Letter to members of the former Harrisburg Chapter:Now that we’ve settled on our meeting location, we need
to revive the topic of sending a letter out to the members of the former Harrisburg chapter. The adjutant will
do this. In this discussion we also talked about updating the DAV website for our meeting location and time.
The adjutant will also take care of this item.

Good of the Order:Ferguson reported that the US Post Office is offering a new service where you receive a
scan of the mail that is due to be delivered to you. This is fine as far as it goes but there is no verification of
the person requesting to receive the scans. A scammer could establish an email to receive images of your
mail and then do something like steal the credit card that the scammer ordered before you see it. The
suggestion was to establish this service for yourself and your own email as only one email address can be
associated with the pre-mail service.
Closing ceremony

Next Meeting: It was announced that the next meeting will be heldat the Swatara Township Buildingon
February 12, 2019 at 6:30pm.