DAV Hershey Chapter 48
Souvenirs photos from
member Bruce
Page 1 Items from Bruce Cavanaugh, i did not get to keep most of my souvenirs from my Vietnam days long
stories but here is what I have to share. Served with the United States Marines MOS 0811 Field Artillery
(IOD) Integrated Observation Device, I served with an all
volunteer special operations unit called IOD's  we were
forward observers on a fixed mountain top and called in
Artillery on enemy troops. We also directed air strikes,
found lost troops and allot more.
The device to the left was an IOD unit from right to left
box on the right was a laser we fired it to get the exact
distance to our target. In the middle vary large ships
binoculars to the left night scope that did not work very
good. Bottom were the direction and vertical angle
computers. Using the three we called FDC, fire direction
control center and gave them the coordinance to our
target consisting of distance, vertical angle and direction
to the target. Once the 1st round was fired we then gave
any corrections needed. The reason the IOD unit was
made was usually the 1st round was on target giving the
enemy no time to duck for cover. Back in 1969 this was a
very secrete and state of the arts device.
Hill 65 located just below Charlie ridge
covering the Arizona Territories and part of
the Ho Chi Minh Trail behind us was the Song
Vu Gia river
Picture of a field fire direction center
Part of a field map I somehow manage to keep in one piece
When we would get a close target with pretty many enemy casualties one of us IOD's would go down off the
mountain with some recon Marines to try and ID the NVA supplies as to where they came from. We
collected some off the bodies and took them back to the LZ and they were sent back to the rear. Did not
happen often but on one such patrol I spotted these laying on the ground and picked them up. The Chieu
Hoi leaflets were dropped telling the VC and NVA to defect.   
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USMC Graduation picture
1969 Platoon 215